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bare branch screams to the sky

Joshua David Noiseux
22 August
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1960's clinical psychedelia, 4 noble truths, 7.62 mm, ?art?, alcohol(ism), anarchisms, anarchopunk streetpunk crustpunk gutterpunk, annaressian physics, apocalypse, arabic culture, australian girls, autobiographies, beat boxing, being here now, black metal, bleak perspectives, bob dylan, botany, bukowski, burroughs, camping, central america, chaos, chateau wiersma, city of god, cold hearted compassion, consciousness, cultivating female sexuality, dada, dancing as religion, despotism, dirty quebecois, djembe, doggystyle, emptiness, entheogenesis, espanol, event horizons, evil, existence, existentialism, exquisite corpse, fasting, fists from the rubble, flowers (petal and labia), folk music, folks, forest architecture, forest children, forest people, francais, fuck art let's kill, full metal jacket, general malaise, girls, hakim bey, heartfelt socialism, henry miller, hermitism, howling, hua-yen flower garland cosmology, hugs, incunabula project, jack kerouac, janita, jazz, la lune, life, literature, louis-ferdinand celine, loving, lsd, madness, meditation, mu means no, neil young, nicaragua, night sky poetry, northumberland county, oh in your gasm, oi, oldskool, om festival, orgasms, paradox and wonder, peace peace and peace, people(s), persian culture, pine barrens, plant psychology, poetry is for fags, primary anatomy, psilocybin, pulp fiction, rainbow gatherings, reggae music, revolutionary hedonism, rhythm & percussion, secret societies, sensuality, sex, shamans, shattered dreams, shiva, smiles, spontaneity, spooning, stupidfuckingemokidonfire, suave parties, sufism, surf music, surrealism, tao, the beats, the dispossessed, too cool for school, travelling, vampirism, void, volk, war, warmth, wet kissing, wilhelm reich, wine, word shepardry, writing, yoni, zen


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